The real thoughts of man don’t need to follow the general trend or fashion.

They only have to touch the frequency of the truth.

The importance of a thought isn’t dependent on how often someone repeats it.

The knowledge of tomorrow will always rise in the mind of an individual.

The visionary navigates the world not the crowd !

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Rob Waters
„Time ahead Time“ EP
Released: 2016
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Robert Waters
„I´ve seen the invisible“ EP
Released: 2012
The UFA Interview:
Peter Baumann
Berlin 2016:

Questions: Wolfgang Makowski
Answers: Peter Baumann
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Talk with Isabelle Huppert - 2017
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Talk with Paul Verhoeven - 2017
Anne Clark
Berlin 2018

Questions: Rob Waters
Answers: Anne Clark
Camera: Wolgang Makowski
Johannes Schmölling playing „METAMORPHOSIS“